Buying a mat for Pilates

I like my class members to have their own mat for Pilates.  I made a little video to show you the correct sort:

You need a full length, non slip mat.  Usually ones that are described as for Yoga or Pilates are good.  Be aware of the thickness of the mat.  Budget mats tend to be quite thin, probably about 3mm.  A 6mm mat will offer more comfort if that’s what you like.  ‘Fitness’ mats don’t always work, they often move around on the floor and are not full length.

Where to buy a Pilates mat
If you are shopping in person I would suggest TK Maxx as somewhere you can get a nice mat at a nice price.  You might also find mats at supermarkets and the likes of Aldi but their stock tends to be seasonal.

If you prefer to shop on-line then perhaps Amazon or eBay will have a bargain.  I spotted these 6mm mats on Amazon that seem a good buy.

I often have mats for sale.  Let me know if you’d like me to get one for you to collect at class.

Buying a mat for Pilates