It’s easy!

I’ve spent the last 5 days furiously setting up my new Community centre class and to be honest I have to say its all very easy!

Well, compared to when I last did this in 1996. I have memories of designing and printing flyers with a word processor, photocopier and copious quantities of Tipex. This time with my mouse, Photoshop and ebay I have created what I hope will be a professional looking flyer and have 5000 of them on their way to me soon.

For my Flyers I used a printer called Fairprint on ebay, sent the design that I made with Photoshop to them by email, paid online with my Creditcard, all done in a morning – in 1996 this would not have been so easy!

I’ve also put myself on and on Google maps, again it was so EASY (and free) with just a few mouse clicks.

I registered a domain name and built a website for my new venture, along with Facebook Group. I used Wufoo to create a professional looking contact form, there are so many great free webtools available that make all this so EASY!

In 1996 I had a computer with word processor (a PC with 386 processor if I remember correctly), I had no Internet connection, no design software, those were the days… LOL!

One thing that hasn’t changed much since I last taught in the Community is distribution of flyers, next Saturday I will be pounding the streets around Hurst, hoping not to get barked at as I put my flyers through letterboxes 😉