Learning to Fly

As part of my on going Birthday celebrations I found myself in front of a large helicopter fan learning to skydive, I have to say it was totally awesome!  Whilst flying, the spine is in extension and the chest is opened, shoulders retracted.  I was a little worried that I might get a sore back, my spine and extension are not Best Friends!  Actually my glutes were the main thing that complained (they always want to “take over” don’t they?).  I felt a little beat up the day after but completely worth it for such a fantastic experience.

I was curious to know what the cardiac response to throwing oneself in front of a helicopter fan might be, so I wore my heart rate monitor.  Check out the screenshot, as you can see not much effect at all!

Myzone graph whilst indoor skydiving

Thank you to Cilla for the fab gift and for flying with me along with Mike, Janine and Margaret.  We flew at Airkix near the Trafford Centre, it was the perfect day – Skydiving and shopping!