Word Up!

One of the best things about January is seeing all the new fitness wear right up ‘front and centre’ on the high street.  And, buying new gear makes coming to class even better!

I’m noticing that Positive Affirmations are all over the latest fitness tops, here’s some that caught my eye (most of which I bought!)

IMG_6391This was in Sainsbury’s.

IMG_6390Also in Sainsbury’s, I bought it because I like the colour, but I won’t be running . . .

IMG_6385Start Now is from H&M, the other two from Primark.

In New Look.

eat sleep hoodie-2What about this design, would you like this on a hoodie?  Let me know what you think?

IMG_6366If you don’t like Lettered Apparel, Primark have heaps of other cheap and cheerful items to choose from.. This was in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre.

About my Leggings . . . (a public service announcement)
Whilst I am happy to do cheap and cheerful for tops, I *never* wear cheap leggings to class!  to protect your modesty you need leggings that are not transparent and are fully squat proof. Trust me the £5 ones might not fit the bill 🙁  My preference is for Nike Dri Fit Tights, they are bob on £40 from Nike (yes I know) but they do last forever and if you go to Sports Direct you can get them for less than £30. Being Dri Fit means that they wick away moisture and dry really quickly   You can see them here.  And, I promise you that when you do the Down Dog in these your modesty will be in tact.

If you like patterned leggings you should check out Sara DaSilvas Facebook group where she is selling the most amazing Brazilian leggings, all squat proof and tested by Sarah herself.

Oh, one more thing you need this time of year – YOUR BIG COAT.  Remember Summer Bodies are made in the Winter!

IMG_6388-2Big Coats!  Get one that covers your bottom, you lose a lot of heat from your glute muscles!  Thank you Karen and Suzanne for posing with me.