Life Support Training

Getting trained up for Life Support (CPR) can be time consuming and costly for self employed Group Fitness Instructors. Most training on offer takes a minimum of a full day, some of the training isn’t relevant to GFI’s and the cost is a problem to us if we have to get sessions covered to take a whole day off.

This little blog is about how myself and some GFI colleagues went about getting ourselves trained for a minimum cost, at a time that suited us all and it was fun too!

The first thing we (Liz!) did was find out what our insurance company required in terms of training. Then I looked on Google Maps for a local training company, I found Forerunner Training based in Manchester, got in touch and gave them our requirements:

Life Support Training
Sporting Injuries
Saturday Afternoon
Delivered swiftly
We will rent the Studio at our local leisure club.

Forerunner came back to me with a price to train up to 12 of us in 2 hours. Then I spoke to our lovely GFM, Caron at Village Hyde and she agreed to rent us a Studio for a cheap as chips fee. After I added on the rent of the Studio I could split the total cost between us for less than £25 each.

Next I set a date with Forerunner and started to recruit people. Because I was funding the cost of this myself I had to ensure prompt payment so that I could pay Forerunner 7 days ahead of our training day. Internet banking worked great for this (apart from Zoe and Liz being back in the 20th Century and giving me chqs!).

We did the training today, Carl our Trainer was great, very engaging, entertaining and able to cope with the fact that we were in a Dance Studio, he had his Powerpoint up and running in no time.

Here’s a little video we made:

We all agreed that ‘Another one bites the dust’ is much better than ‘Staying Alive’ in terms of a strong beat to follow, some of us found it hard to do only 30 compressions when we were working to the music – 32 count phrasing is far more natural to us!

In all everyone thought the training good value, in particular the fact that we could do this at a time when none of us would need to pay a cover instructor.